Best Movies on Netflix Australia to Binge Watch Right Now!

Best Movies on Netflix Australia to Binge Watch Right Now!

After the surge of Covid pandemic and rapid shut down of theatres all around, the entertainment industry faced a huge blow to keep up the work and production. With time, OTT platforms have gained major popularity, and, of course, Netflix is the most sought among them.

Hollywood movies, Korean dramas, Japanese anime, and even Australian movies have topped the charts with huge support and praise. If you aren’t aware, the top hits from every country are now available on Netflix Australia to watch seamlessly.

If you haven’t got any good movies for this weekend, check out the most-watched and latest ones now streaming on Netflix Australia!


• Extraction

The brand new 2020’s action thriller, The Extraction, has set fire on Netflix OTT. Starring many famous actors like Chris Hemsworth, Sam Hargrove, and Golshifteh Farahani, it is a great watch for crime chase and murder story lovers. The story is the latest mixture of varied genres, including crime, family drama, romance, money addiction, revenge, and fights.

• Lion

2016’s Dev Patel starrer, Lion, is an Australian autobiographical drama. It was adopted from Australian businessman Saroo Birley’s book, A Long Way Home, in which he writes about searching for his birth parents in India. The movie bagged an 8/10 IMDb rating and many AACTA awards in 2017.

• The Social Dilemma

If you are fascinated to know about the darker side of the software and the internet’s influence, The Social Dilemma is a fantastic documentary to watch right now. Produced by Larissa Rhodes, it is a realistic and revealing movie describing the current scenario of mobile addicts and social media geeks.

• Don’t Look Up

What if you were told that an asteroid would destroy your planet in no less than three months? If you think emergency and havoc will spread all around, Don’t Look Up is the perfect watch to discover the actual truth. The movie stars actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence and satirically reveals the present reality of handling such a global crisis.

• The Unforgivable

After the 2018’s blockbuster, The Birdbox, Sandra Bullock’s The Unforgivable has become a must-watch for her fans. Unlike any of her other supernatural movies, this one’s a realistic drama portraying the life of a criminal who has just finished serving her prison tenure. The action, storyline, and thrilling scenes are all perfectly directed to depict the reality of a society that doesn’t forgive a criminal even though the law has already forgiven her.

• Red Notice

What can you expect from a collaboration of Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds? Of course! A great comedy, crime, and action thriller! Red Notice has the perfect twist to leave you in chuckles if you were getting bored of documentaries and sci-fi dramas. It’s a fictional movie revolving around the FBI and robbers’ chase for the theft of ancient Egyptian bejeweled eggs.

The Witches

• The Witches

Anna Hathaway has a great collection of fantasy movies and recently added one more in 2020. The Witches is certainly the most favored Netflix Australia film in its genre, adopted from our beloved Roald Dahl’s book of the same name. The story is all about a bunch of witches living in a hotel who constantly plot tricks and magical spells to get rid of the children around them.

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