1827 Explorer Allan Cunningham names the Darling Downs.
1840 Leslie brothers establish Toolburra; head station at Canning Downs.
1844 Campbell brothers secure leases from Leslies to establish the Glengallan run.
1852 Glengallan transferred to C.H.Marshall, managed with Robert Campbell.
1855 Marshall takes-in partner John Deuchar; Glengallan Merino Stud established.
1865 Marshall returns to England. Deuchar contracts to buy-out partnership.
1867 Deuchar embarks on building program including Glengallan house.
1870 Deuchar bankrupt. Marshall forecloses.
1873 Marshall forms new partnership – W.B.Slade establishes showpiece sheep and cattle station.
1895 First resumptions under Queensland Agricultural Lands Purchase Act.
1904 Gillespies purchase homestead bock. Slade-Marshall partnership dissolved.
1927 Alex Gillespie dies. Glengallan forfeited to bank. Atkinson family moves into Cedar Wing.
1931 Oswald Slade purchases Glengallan; Cockram family lives in Cedar Wing.
1946 Cedar Wing dismantled and timber used in farmhouse at Tannymorel, later removed to Upper Swanfels.
1956 Oswald Slade dies; property bequeathed to Church of England for Slade School.
1960s Glengallan furniture and fittings removed.
1972 Smith family purchases Glengallan Station.
1993 Smiths sell House to GHT for one-third market value with proviso the place be held in trust for people of Queensland.
2002 Centenary of Federation Fund enables Glengallan restoration project; Heritage Centre established.