Most Famous Australian Actors and Their Superhit Movies You Shouldn’t Miss!

Most Famous Australian Actors and Their Superhit Movies You Shouldn’t Miss!

Australian actors have a great influence over media and entertainment around the world. Beyond their homeland’s production houses, they have also made a significant mark in many international films and OTT platforms.

If you are looking for the best Australian actors in various countries and genres, here are some top actors and their super hit movies that you shouldn’t miss! Check out the list ahead and gear up yourself to binge-watch this weekend!

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Scientific fictions and fantasy movies are never complete without a role or even a cameo performance of Russell Crowe. Though he isn’t a native Australian, he shifted from New Zealand at the early age of 21, well before his big-screen debut.

His screenplay as Noah in 2014’s movie Noah is still praised for his accurate reflection of the bible character. For more interesting plots and action thrills, you can check out The Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, and the recently launched 2020’s Unhinged.

Cate Blanchet

Ivanhoe, Australia’s Catherine Elise Blanchett, is one of the admirable ladies of the global media and entertainment industry. She has worked in more than 75 movies in several countries in varied genres and roles.

Her roles in Thor Rangnarok (2017), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Blue Jasmine (2013), or The Hobbit (2012) are worth praising for their versatility. She has also worked in several TV serials and sitcoms like 2020’s Mrs. America, Robin Hood, and 2020’s Stateless.

Rebel Wilson

One of the younger Australian actresses in the media, Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, is a famous actor and singer of all time. She worked as the female lead in Pitch Perfect movie series, Night at the Museum, and Ghost Rider, portraying varied roles of a chic-styled girl to dangerous action women.

She has also worked as a dubbing artist for animated movies like Kungfu Panda 3 and Ice Age Continental Drift. She also composed impressive soundtracks for Pitch Perfect movies and 2019’s Cats, which bagged MTV movie awards.

Hemsworth brothers

Liam, Chris, and Luke Hemsworth are the most popular Australian brothers who have worked in almost every big blockbuster on international media platforms. Liam Hemsworth’s Hunger Games series are definitely a must-watch if you are a young-adult fiction lover. Chris Hemsworth is more known as The Thor, and you would exactly know which of his Avengers movies is the best to watch. Though Luke hasn’t worked prominently, he still appeared in the Thor series, Westworld, and 1985’s TV series, Neighbors.

David Wenham

Born in Marrickville, Australia, David Wenham has worked in many American movies along with the native Australian ones. One of his best roles as Faramir in The Lord of the Rings is still a certain favorite for many fantasy lovers.

Recently, he played the role of John Brierley in the 2016’s Australian drama Lion, which got him praises for his dignified portrayal of the actual characters in the autobiography.

David Wenham

Chris Pang

After his parents migrated to Melbourne, Australia, in the 1970s, Chris Pang was born in 1984 as the country’s legal citizen. He has worked in many regional and international movies like Charlie’s Angels, Tomorrow When the War Began, and the comedy movie Crazy Rich Asians.

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